Pivovar Zichovec – Sour Passion Fruit

Fruited Sour by Pivovar Zichovec

There are games that you loved to play as a child and still do as an adult. Building with colorful plastic building blocks is definitely one of them. Grown men sit for days on models of airplanes, ships or buildings; Seasoned women freak out over miniature castles and little red double-decker buses.
The Czech Rodinny Pivovar Zichovec has come up with a beer that not only has the legendary building blocks on the label, but is also the perfect companion for an extensive building session. Their Sour Ale called Sour Passion Fruit is the perfect refreshment for in between and is made with a very special brewing technique: In order to get a nice acidity in the beer, the so-called kettle souring method is used, in which lactic acid bacteria are also brewed. This special ingredient conjures up an elegant acidity in the beer, which goes wonderfully with the passion fruit puree, which also goes into the kettle. The result of this complex process is a wonderfully fruity sour beer with juicy notes of passion fruit and complex depth.
​​​​​​​Zichovecs Sour Ale has a clear, luminous golden body, topped with a small crown of white foam. The unmistakable aroma of juicy passion fruit is reflected in both the smell and the taste. A dominant fruitiness is paired with playful acidity and subtle malt to create a summery composition.
Pivovar Zichovec
Alcohol by volume
5.1 %
12 °P
0.3 l
6.20 Euro
0.1 l
2.80 Euro
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