Orca Brau – Nothing without you

Sour IPA mit Himbeeren by Orca Brau

The Orca Brau Nothing Without You is a 6.8% vol. strong Raspberry Sour IPA brewed with fruity-sour raspberries. It is the beer of the month for April and has a hoppy aroma with a subtle acidity and light raspberry notes. It was hopped with Yakima Chief's annual "Pink Boots Blend" from the USA and fermented with raspberries. The Raspberry Sour IPA is refreshingly fruity and supports the global organization Pink Boots Society, which advocates for women's rights in the beer industry. In 2022, the hop blend used from the harvest season was processed and used for this special brew. This blend is made up of different hop varieties, namely HBC 630, Idaho Gem®, Loral®, Talus® and Triumph. In the glass, the Orca Brau Nothing Without You shimmers in a strong orange tone with pink reflections and is decorated with a small, short-lived head of foam. The refreshing and tart raspberry aromas surround your taste buds and invite you to take the next sip. Enjoy well chilled.
Orca Brau
Alcohol by volume
6.8 %
HBC 630, Idaho Gem®, Loral®, Talus® und Triumph
0.33 l
6.10 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens