Maisel & Friends Living BBQ Lager

Hoppy & Smoky Imperial Lager by Maisel & Friends

With us, everything revolves around delicious brewing creations with like-minded friends. Therefore - and because beer & grilling are simply a perfect match - we launched the "BrewBQ" beer series in 2020. Every year we invite a well-known grill master to Bayreuth to create a beer that goes perfectly with the grill. For our BrewBQ #4, we brewed a strong lager together with Olly from Living BBQ that perfectly reflects the passion for BBQ.

The Living BBQ Lager appears golden in the glass, perfectly combined with a creamy, white head of foam. The nose is ensnared by a variety of aromas: sweet notes reminiscent of honey and biscuit, plus a hoppy hint of orange, tangerine, elderberry and citrus. This aroma is underlined by a hint of smoke. In the mouth there is a complex interplay of sweetness, fruit and smoke. The initially slightly sweet and smoky nuances alternate in the middle part with harmoniously fruity hop notes of orange and tangerine. In the finish, the smoky aroma becomes a little more dominant and shows that the BrewBQ #4 goes perfectly with the BBQ.
Maisel & Friends
Alcohol by volume
5.9 %
13.3 °P
Ariana, Topaz, Elixir, Mandarina Bavaria
0.3 l
4.50 Euro
0.1 l
2.20 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens