Maisel & Friends - Hazy IPA - Artbeer #5 Super A

Hazy IPA by Maisel & Friends

Maisel & Friends Hazy IPA
For our Artbeer #5, Stefan Thelen, also known as Super A, was the perfect partner. He not only loves art but also enjoys beer, preferably full-bodied and smooth beers that aren't too bitter. Together with our brewmasters, the Maisel & Friends Hazy IPA was created, perfectly reflecting Super A's preference.

Our Hazy IPA presents itself intensely cloudy – hazy – with a pale golden color. From afar, you can already smell the incredible tropical fruit basket that the hop varieties bring to the beer. Aromas of mango, passion fruit, citrus, pineapple, and orange enchant the nose and make you crave the first sip. In the mouth, our Hazy IPA delights with a pleasant, creamy-smooth mouthfeel, so smooth that the second sip won't be long in coming. The tropical notes shine through perfectly, making the heart of every hop lover beat faster. The bitterness is very subtle and harmoniously integrated. Fill your glass with art!
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Maisel & Friends
Alcohol by volume
6.7 %
16.9 °P
Callista, Amarillo, Galaxy, Cascade, Idaho 7, Citra
0.3 l
4.50 Euro
0.1 l
2.20 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens