Lindemans – SpontanBasil

Blend of 1 and 2 year old lambics, with fresh basil by Lindemans

SpontanBasil combines the acidity of Lambic with the aromas and flavors of fresh basil. Complex, tart and balanced taste with a nice crisp, dry and tart finish. That Lambic is a versatile beer needs no further explanation. We have yet to find out what its limitations are. And new frontiers are something that gypsy brewery Mikkeller likes to explore. And so one day they knock on the door of the Lindemans brewery. "There's something mysterious about Belgian Lambics," says Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder of Mikkeller. "The spontaneous fermentation process contributes to this mystery. We've experimented with pretty much every style of beer and finally we came to work with Lindemans Lambic!" The brewers broke with existing beer styles and joined forces to create a Gueuze with a special touch. The result? SpontaneouslyBasil. An authentic old Gueuze beer with fresh basil and a surprisingly fresh taste.
Alcohol by volume
5.5 %
13 °P
0.75 l
29.90 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens