Freedl Calma

Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale with Basil by Pfefferlechner

Fancy something new? You've probably had a non-alcoholic beer before.
But how about a non-alcoholic Pale Ale brewed with fresh South Tyrolean mountain basil. Sounds exciting, right? And tastes really fantastic. The mountain basil comes from a herb farm on the Stelvio Pass. Basil is one of the traditional spice and medicinal plants. For example, it is said to reduce stress and have a relaxing effect. It also counteracts inflammatory processes. The fresh and finely spiced alcohol-free Freedl Calma Pale Ale with basil pours out a cloudy, dark amber tone and provides the nose and palate with spicy and elegant aromas. Don't wait and order a few bottles straight to your home. Chill well before eating. Enjoy your meal.
Alcohol by volume
0.3 %
0.33 l
7.10 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens