Boon Oude Gueuze

Gueuze by Brouwerij Boon

The Belgian brewery Boon makes beer that is very different from anything the German palate knows and is used to. The Kriek, for example, is a beer that is brewed with fresh cherries and not only looks cherry red, but also tastes like it. The Oude Geuze is also fruity, but does not contain any fresh fruit. The Geuze is one of the lambic beers typical of Belgium and is completely spontaneously fermented. This type of fermentation has a long tradition in Belgium and is initiated by open fermentation vats, the use of lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts. The result of this special fermentation process is a beer with a fine acidity. What also characterizes the Geuze is that it is a blend: in order to obtain an authentic Geuze, older and younger beers are mixed together. The finished beer is fermented again in the bottles and can be stored for up to 20 years. But even the fresh Geuze already inspires with its sophisticated taste profile. The amber-colored beer with a snow-white crown smells enticingly of sparkling white wine, green apples, yeast and a hint of citrus. The first taste reveals a wonderfully fresh beer with pronounced acidity and a dry finish. Notes of sour corn apples, citrus zest, spicy yeast and a touch of wood combine to create a top-class play of aromas. Boons Oude Geuze is an exceptional beer specialty and just right for all friends of sour, characterful beers.
Brouwerij Boon
Alcohol by volume
7 %
14 °P
0.25 l
5.90 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens