Boon Kriek

Kriek (Cherry beer) by Brouwerij Boon

The craft beer movement has created an additional stage for the unusual beer styles and drawn the focus of international attention to the small country. Beer lovers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Belgium to taste the special, aromatic beers there. One of these special beers is the Kriek.
Kriek belongs to the Belgian Lambic beers and is a fruit beer. The Belgian brewery Boon specializes in the preparation of Kriek and produces fruit beers that are enjoyed all over the world. Typically, the Kriek is spontaneously fermented according to old recipes. Fresh cherries were also brewed for Kriek Boon. This extra ingredient gives the beer the fresh fruitiness of cherry juice. Kriek Boon flows into the glass in a deep red cherry tone and forms a small, pink foam crown. A stunning aroma of freshly harvested, fully ripe cherries rises from the delicately toned fluff, immediately conjuring up images of summer in the country with lush cherry trees, blistering hot days and roaring campfires in the evenings. A touch of vanilla and the aroma of roasted almonds join the cherry fireworks. The first sip reveals a lively, light-footed body with lively carbonic acid. In terms of taste, Kriek Boon inspires with an indescribably cherry potpourri: cherry juice meets cherry jam and candied cherries. A subtle note of marzipan complements the cherry explosion exquisitely. If you like cherries, you will love this beer!
Brouwerij Boon
Alcohol by volume
4 %
12 °P
0.25 l
5.80 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens