Dortmunder Borussia Brauerei – Borsigplatz Style Export

Dry-Hopped Export by Dortmunder Borussia Brauerei

The Dortmund Borussia brewery was founded in 1885, but went bankrupt in 1901 and nevertheless gave its name to Dortmund's largest football club in 1909. Created on Borsigplatz, it stood for the people in the north of the city in its short time before it was immortalized in the club name by the Jacobi family, after all the father of the founding family worked at the Borussia brewery. In keeping with the 113th birthday of this black and yellow club, the return of the traditional brand was officially announced on December 19, 2022. With a unique and very limited special edition, the aim was to offer friends, acquaintances, close people and restaurateurs a first foretaste of what will begin in 2023. First there is an export in the "Borsigplatz style" - here freshness, maltiness and a subtle hop note meet the fruity aromas of the modern art of brewing. The beer was brewed by our friends from BrewDog in Berlin. The recipe was developed by "Brauwolf", the well-known Dortmund brewmaster and beer sommelier.
Dortmunder Borussia Brauerei
Alcohol by volume
5.8 %
0.3 l
5.40 Euro
0.1 l
2.40 Euro
Ingredients & Allergens